Give a little something special this Christmas

xmas pressie

Well Christmas is almost upon us and for a lot of families and people Christmas is a time to celebrate, have fun and share with family and friends. However there are those out there for which Christmas does not create those festive feelings for.  Victims of domestic violence (DV) can find that their abusers increase the amount of abuse that is inflicted upon them at this time of the year.  Christmas can be a stressful time, so cause more arguments and with an increase of alcohol (which doesn’t cause DV but can increase the chance of triggering it) it can mean that the rates of DV can rise. When you are buying your last minute Christmas presents for your loved ones consider a thought for those who may not feel as loved and appreciated on Christmas Day or any other day of the duration that they are stuck in a violent relationship. You can give a gift and help someone who is being affected by domestic violence by donating a small amount of money through our MyDonate page.  Funds raised will be used to continue the work we do with victims and survivors of DV to help them help themselves to create safer and brighter futures for themselves, their children and their families. Merry Christmas and thank you.


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